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Thursday, 01 June 2006



Finally! Something I can be proud of as a Hoosier!!


Thanks for the info on this, some more shekels will be heading their way.


Thanks for posting this.
Its an incredibly powerful thing to drive around Indy this week and see lawn signs in people's yards and in front of businesses that read "Would Jesus Discriminate?" was also awesome to see the first ad you showed in Sunday's Indy Star (which, by the way, happened to come out the Sunday of the Indy I am sure that the readership of the paper increased significantly with folks from out of town who were able to see this ad).
This is in stark contrast with the ad that Focus on the Family ran in yesterday's Indianapolis Star which railed on Sentaor Bayh for not supporting the marriage ammendment. It was entitled something along the lines of "Why doesn't Senator Bayh believe a child should be raised by a mother and a father"....very inflamatory stuff....
Don't forget that the Exodus annual convention is coming to Marion, Indiana (about one hour northeast of Indy) at the end of June...during the same weekend that NY, Chicago and SF celebrate Pride....

WIilliam Foster

Some signs have been taken down due to some laws in areas like Carmel Indiana and Fisher Indiana. There has been talk of fines being given to JMCC if any more signs get posted there.


what a great ad campaign!


Update from the Jesus MCC church bulletin:

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