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Wednesday, 25 January 2006



ROFLOL!!! This is the funniest blog post title/photo I've seen this year. Is this really who i think it is????????


Unfortunately, Islamic law is fine with pedophelia, and young children are married off to and forced to have sex with much older men. But by the way: Michael Jackson was acquited by one of the more conservative jury counties in America, and I personally believe he was innocent, too. Just because he's weird does not mean he was banging 10 year old boys. And just because some cannot conceive of sleeping with a 10-year-old boy without having sex with him, that does not mean Michael Jackson would be similarly motivated. I suggest that people who assume Michael Jackson was having sex with these boys by the mere fact that he slept with them should examine their own proclivities.


I suggest that the above poster check into some logic lessons. I think most people who assume Michael Jackson was having sex with these boys is because evidence suggests it, not because of submerged proclivities. By the way, just because he's weird doesn't mean he's NOT banging ten-year-old boys, either.

And get a clue about Islam while you're at it, moron.


The jury looked at the "evidence," and unanimously concluded to acquit Michael Jackson. And yes, Mohammed slept with 12-year-old girls, and in my book, that makes him a pedophile -- prophet or not -- and Islamic countries continue to support the arranged marriages of young girls. Sorry if the stubborn facts deflate your naive vision of Islam, you moron.

Richard comments: when a 40 year old man spends the night in bed with an 11 year old boy, and they're both wearing nothing but underpants which he then collects as souvenirs in his secret room, hidden behind his closet....that's good enough for me regardless of what a jury says, a jury dazzled by celebrity.


Too funny. When I was in Saudi Arabia (many years ago), I had a Filipino houseboy who was into drag. He was a member of a drag club and about once a month they would all get together in drag.

One problem - women can't drive. So they'd all get into drag and then had to find drivers to take them to the party because none of them wanted to arrive in men's clothing.


I think this is the first time in 30 years Michael Jackson has been black.


"Unfortunately, Islamic law is fine with pedophelia, and young children are married off to and forced to have sex with much older men."

where do u get your info from maryqueenof manhattan? are u an expert on islamic law? cause that was one of the most ignorant statements i have ever heard.


I am appalled to read such examples of bigotry and hatred from people who should know better. Stop it. For all our sakes, please stop it.


I wonder what its like being inside his head.....


Islamic law also is literally followed to execute practicing homosexuals in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia . . . some of you naive folks should really start keeping abreast of the news: it's not one world. If you don't think fundamentalist Islamic law is people followed to perpetuate some of the worst human rights abuses against gays and women, then it's really disturbing how ignorant the American population is about other religions and countries.


islamic law isn't fine with pedophilia age for marriage is 16 and it's strange that u seem to forget to mention that the prophet married ONE 12 yr old girl in 622 AD at a time where girls anywhere in the world where considered ready for marriage when they hit puberty..i'm not saying it's right but that's the way things were back then(in the roman empire at that time a girl would be married at a maximum age of 14 but i don't c u criticizing them for that)little girls don't get married to 40 yr olds in arab countries now and i think in a place where a woman's worth is measured by the size of her breasts u shouldn't really be talking about how islam treats women (granted there are some muslim men who twist islamic laws to their advantage)


thats not true islamic law is not fine with pedophilia and drag , i'm saudi n i know that very well! n yea we dont drive! we have our own drivers n we r happy with that n we dont do drugz!
thats funny how u ppl jugde us ! u dont know anythiny about us !u just hear ur stupid media n dont hear it from us!
we are normal ppl we live the same life as urz except women dont drive here! n thats have nothin with islam cuz islam never told us not 2 drive !
n islam never forced us 2 have sex with older men! we have the right 2 choose what we want i'm 19 n single ! never forced 2 anythin n life! i have my own choice!

n yea seriously i agree with ya!


How can u say such a hypocritical thing like that. in this country women are so badly degraded in music vidoes and no one does anything about it but yet u have the time to make totaly ignorant comments about the islamic culture!don't talk about something u probably don't even kno about furthermore no ones force to do anything,country laws have nothing to do wwith islamic laws! I can't believe u would actually put something like is wrong just wrong on all levels. AND LASTLY, WHY CAN'T ANYONE LEAVE MJ ALONE! HES A HUMAN TOo AND SHOULD NOT HAVE TO BE HARASSED LIKE THIS!

Queer Planet

If you do your research there is evidence that Mohammed also had a young boy in his harem.

Islamic countries routinely kill homosexuals and women over archaic laws.

Michael Jackson is a media star. ... Yawn.

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