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Tuesday, 07 February 2006



Mass fury of muslims about blasfemous cartoons is only a symptom of a broader spectrum illness. Since earlier acts of cruelty in Lebanon against displaced Palestinians in Sabra and Chatila camps, israli army chiefs (and Ariel Sharon) did a total war with western countries aid. Then wars in former Jugoslavia mini-country in the '90 decade, 1st Gulf War, Clinton's mini-Gulf war, War in Afghanistan against the poorest afghani peoples and finally 2nd Gulf War.
Again surprised by muslims reactions?
For the time to come, other black-listed country on the fire: Syria (laicist country, until now), Iran...


Giuseppe>> You simplify the situation a lot. Beginning with history.
I don't want to absolve Israƫl from all of its responsabilities in this matter, but the Sabra and Chatila massacre was done by lebanese christian military group.

And Kosovo war was actually a war to protect the mainly muslim population of Kosovo against Jugoslavia. Seems to me a little bit unfair to count that as a reason for muslims to dislike western countries.

(In theory, the 1st Gulf War was also intended to protect Koweit from Iraq invasion, but I agree that belligerant intentions were probably not that pure)


The design of the svastika over the star is very clever. I like it a lot.

When I saw "The Pianist" and the Nazis set up a checkpoint outside the ghetto and they don't let the Jews past for hours I couldn't help to think that that is exactly what the Israelis do to the Palestinian in the territories.

Nobody has persecuted the Jews for more than 60 years, but they still claim some kind of endless victim status and they use to justify any atrocity they commit.

Oh, if you point that out you get immediately called a Nazi or anti-Semite or worse.

"Screw logic", you said. Yeah, the Muslims, are not the only one screwing logic these days.


The point is that since early '90 a westerner-oriented ideology was 'exported' in all-world society with promise of freedom. Al-Fatah was initially a socialist-oriented movement, women position in society were prominent for Fatah. Subsequently, laicist movement was destroyed by the fury post-'89 anti-communist propaganda in Palestine and in other part of the world.
Islamist as well christian fundamentalist flourisced in middle-east and in Europe, destroying decades of cornerstone civil progressive advances.
(In Lebanon, carnage at Sabra and Chatila displaced camp was permorfed by christian lebanese militia, but previously infiltrated by israeli intelligence.) Nobel prize winner Dario Fo wrote a brief piece about the fact 'Fedayn-Fedayn'. See for reference.

whitney houston

i think you're missing the point of these contests, which is simply a way of saying, how would you feel if the shoe were on the other foot.

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