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Wednesday, 01 February 2006



I've always been respectful of the office of the Presidency. I may not like the man, but I respect the position. Last night, during the State of the Union address, I had to leave the room. I'm not certain where I fit in the five stages, I can relate to a few. Thank you for articulating my feelings exactly.




I visit your blog everyday for a dose of rationality. I don't have a brain such as yours, that's why I admire it so.

Antifa Richtoffen

Have reaced Acceptance. It's over.

My beloved Uncle Sam has passed on.

There are still a lot of people in the funeral hall; some of them are still going through his pockets as he lays there, but I know his spirit has flown.

I am going to miss him every moment of my remaining days. He really knew how to live and let live.


Well, yes. It is truely a dark time in America and around our world. Can you remember a time in the history of the world that looked as bleak: destruction to the environment, deterioration of living conditions, uncontrollable depletion of natural resources, insurgence of religous fanaticism in the USA and around the globe, increasing poverty, increasing institutional corruption, oil and the multiplicity of problems revolving around it and energy, scourage and desease that are immune to our modern medicines, over-population, melting polar ice pack, global warming, hurricanes in November!

Chicken little has nothing on me!

However, and at the risk of sounding really Polly-Anne-ish, (I swear I am not screwing my finger into my cheek) I do believe everything happens for a reason. I do believe the pendulum will swing back.

We are bloodied, we are beaten, we are on the mat. But we will get back up. And, we will brush ourselves off. And, we will fight again. Because, we must.

Frank IBC

Meanwhile, you are still stuck in the first stage of grief with regards to the death of the only viable alternative to the Republican Party.

Richard comments: I normally don't react to "Frank IBC" comments which are generally idiotic and neanderthal at best, but I am growing a little sick of readers who post negative and sometimes insulting comments and lack the balls to identify themselves. Frank, until you come out of the closet, your comments are even less useless than your email address.

Frank IBC

Richard -

I guess the irony of your calling my statements "idiotic and neanderthal" and then whining about how they are "sometimes insulting" escapes you.

But I repeat my earlier point. You aren't going to be able to able to get the Republicans out of office by screaming "Bush is an idiot" at the top of your lungs, 24 hours a day. The only way you are going to get the Republicans out of office is by offering a viable alternative to them. And as I've said before, if the Democrats are going to be a viable alternative to the Republicans, they have to be more than just "Not Bush".

Regarding my e-mail, I prefer to have my discussions in public, I don't care for e-mail flame wars or pissing matches.

Richard comments: Contrary to the Republican big lies and virulent propaganda machine, the Democrats have viable candidates and clear positions and people like you play into the Republican big lies. Read beyond sycophantic media headlines., or do you just watch FoxNews for you information? As for "public", you are hiding under a rock...that is hardly public and very cowardly.

Frank IBC

Yes, the Democrats do have viable candidates.

The only problem is that they keep nominating the non-viable ones for the presidential races (in all but two of the last seven elections). If they could duplicate their success at the local, state, and congressional level, they might have some hope.

do you just watch FoxNews for you information?...syncophantic headlines...

Hahah, I knew that one was coming. Got any other tired soundbites? You actually sound like the caricature of a right-winger ranting about the "mainstream media". My primary sources of news are the Washington Post and the New York Times, BTW. And yours?

We'll agree to disagree on our definition of "public". Anyway, it's kind of ironic that you use the metaphor "closet" since I came out at half the age that you did.

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