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Thursday, 30 March 2006



For some reason, I am unable to email you directly, but want to take on your challenge to send a DVD of Brokeback to someone. It is Thursday at 12:45 pm, so I hope you'll consider this along with other consestants for a free DVD.
I'd like to give a copy of Brokeback to my minister. I don't think she's hostile to the issue but I also don't think she begins to understand and appreciate what it means to be in the closet and have to hide from everyone an important part of yourself. I came out to her last year. She didn't condemn me at all. But I don't think she sees this as an issue of justice for a whole large group of people. I think she's afraid of alienating people in the church and doesn't yet see this as a spiritual opportunity to educate people in the same way that she would if this were an issue of civil rights for African Americans.
But if she begins to understand, then I think she could begin to make a real difference in the lives of many others who look to her for guidance. I've even talked with her about the possibility of spending an hour with the Elders on this issue, and she's open to that. Maybe they could all see the movie. Who knows?
Anyway, I know you are generally hostile to the idea of religion. But all of our most important enemies are affiliated in churches, and we need to carry the battle right into the heartland. You can't win someone over if you aren't willing to enter their territory. Fred


You say Brokebake was a "small financial success." That is erroneous. THe movie has made $83 million domestically, another $85 million abroad and counting just in theaters, brining it's total to almost $170 million. It should make at least $275 million with DVD sales. The movie cost only $14 million to make and maybe another $15 million to promote. A quarter million dollar profit for a movie is not a "small financial success," it is, as Variety magazine has called it, "astonishing."


I would like to be considered for the free DVD as I know a number of both clerics and cops that I would like to give a copy too. Thanks for your consideration.

Dizzy Spins

I applaud your efforts to raise the straights awareness, but I dont know if Brokeback is the right venue. first of all, its JUST A MOVIE--i know, i know--sacrilege--but its true. I get a little creeped out by the idea of using films as "shorthand" to open someone's eyes. Think of those nutters who told everyone to watch "Passion of the Christ" to get a deeper understanding of Christian values.

Secondly, although i enjoyed BM, I thought it was a flawed movie with a negative ending. Homophobes (or even fence-sitters) could easily say "Being gay will make you miserable or get you killed" or "Gays are selfish pricks who treat their wives and children like crap so they can go off and get laid." I dont think Ennis or Jack are commendable role models. Tehyre interesting characters trapped by the times they lived in, but i wouldnt give the movie to my aunt and say, "this is what it means to be gay."

thats just my two cents worth

Mudge Boy

What a great idea -- send a copy of Brokeback to some straight friends. I have a friend who knows I'm gay and says that he accepts me but he doesn't want to talk about it. The worst kind of acceptance is the kind where a person says "I'm fine with you being gay, just don't tell me about it." I'm going to give him a copy of Brokeback because I know he hasn't seen it. My brother also knows I'm gay but said that he wouldn't watch "that" movie -- I'm going to send him one!! Maybe he'll watch it in private!


Jerry Zeeikaf

Re: Proceded at own risk.

This has got to be one of the best idea's I've heard on this subject. Personally I would be more than willing to send a copy to Ernest Borgnine who as an academy voting member simply refused to see this film.

This whole concept of "homophobia" seems to me on the surface to be bogus. In a group setting you have that "fucking faggot" brovado, in a one-on-one situation they ALL say "I aint got nothing against you personally." Not to mention what goes on in the steam room in a "redneck" part of town where I live. I have yet to go to the gym, get my workout done and just relax in the steam room and not get hit up on by a guy I know to be straight. It gets a liitle irritating, you know what I mean.

You know what, screw it, tie their ugly asses to a chair and MAKE them watch it. If they can make me sit through their sex education in school they can sure ass hell sit through ours.

So there!

Scott Sherman

Love, love, love this idea! I agree that Brokeback was by no means perfect, and I hated that it had to end sadly, but I do think it opens some people's eyes.

Thanks for thinking outside the box! I posted a link to your blog at my homepage


No more. Please. No more posts about this movie. I'm begging.

Richard comments: Are you on your knees begging with tears in your eyes?


If I have to get on my knees to make you stop then that's what I'll do ...

Richard comments: But what about Andy Towle, all Brokeback, 24/7? In my case, you win. I an officially quiting Brokeback. If I don't, Rocco said he will punch out my lights.


I would give a copy to my grandmother (hopefully the DVD included Spanish dubbing or subtitles) so that she may, perhaps, finally see my relationship with my boyfriend as a postive reinforcement in my life, and not some kind of affront on her peronsally. It is so hard for her to understand the 'love' part of my sexuality. And it is so hard for me to understand how she can possibly not see love between me and him. And now I'm tearing up like a girly. Thanks. ;)

Sharon L. Petek

I am the mother of a gay son, whom I love dearly and respect; I am also a grandmother and great-grandmother. I would send a copy of Brokeback to one of my granddaughters, who is so closed-minded about everything. I support and applaud possibilities and the unique. I do not believe in religion-I believe in the spiritual within every living thing. Sincerely, Sharon L. Petek

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