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Friday, 26 May 2006



I hear Faye Dunaway's people want to talk to your people.


Loves it! Awesome post.

I think those of us with screwed-up-more-than-usual families have the best senses of humor. (You're a prime example!) Maybe thought of as morbid, inappropriate, nasty or evil by others, but all those adjectives say "best" to me!



Life is hard. But there are always survivors.


I paid the bill in the hospice on October 1st and told them my mother would be dying on October 22. She told me to go pay it for her. They looked at me like I had two heads. I was such an idiot. I could have been put in jail. They could have thought I had something to do with it! I was the only one visiting her. I also look back and see her with only the strenth to keep one eye open but the will to stay alive untill the day of Ritchard's birthday just to die...


I am still not sure if this was funny or sad. You are a wonderful writer. All I can say is Schadenfreude!


Your family posts are the best reads.
Funny. Shocking. Touching. Just a gamut of emotions.
Thank you so much for sharing.


Good on ya mate! I'm glad you were able to find some happiness and release in all of that bullshit. Oh and by the way, happy belated birthday! Cheers.


In june when they told us our mom only had a few more weeks to live, we mourned her. I'm sure there are more than a few of you out there, who know that you mourn even when the insanity leaves - and I at least loved her. In July when they told us they didn't understand why she was still alive - and she didn't want to talk on the phone to the sisters - Beth and I began to suspect. By August (after all we are his sisters) we started to laugh between ourselves and say.....*she's holding out to punish Richard - she's going to die on his birthday*. By September we started telling people - because if there is one thing a Rothstein shares with other Rothsteins, is a need to be right. :) In September when the Doctors would tell us *any day now*, we would say *nope, don't think so - October it is*.

On the morning of October 22 - the conversation between Beth and myself went like this *you tell him!* *no you tell him!* *I'm not telling him, you are the oldest you tell him!* *I'm not telling him, you tell him cause you're the bigger bitch, and I'll cry!* (I'm the crybaby). Beth told him, because she is the bigger bitch (ask her!) and I am the crybaby. On the bigger bitch note - it was Beth who spent all the last days with mom, so it's all pretty much balls and bluster fo her. (I'm the Seattle sister, and frankly Mom only wanted to see Richard).

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