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Monday, 05 June 2006



I just attended a press conference at City Hall in West Hollywood. City Council Member John Duran started his speech by pointing out that it is shameful our president has chosen today, a somber commemoration of the onset of an epidemic that has affected the lives of millions of people around the world, as a time to discriminate against a community of people that are particularly impacted by this disease.


Send your letters to the editor to your local paper, and also to USA TODAY on this issue (they have 6 million readers) at (include name, address and phone number for verification).


Is it just me or is the Exodus Project really ironically named? Exodus the Project suposedly cures gays, Exodus the Book talks about people fleeing persecution and torment only to arrive at the promised land and be barred from entry.

The more I see of fundamentalist Christianity (Churchianity I like to call it), the more I realize they never read the friggin' book anymore.

Mike A.

Your contrast of Akili Tyson's humanity with the inhumanity of Exodus is apt.

Sadly, it seems that Exodus has no moral conscience.

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