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Sunday, 02 July 2006



I don't suppose you have found some way we can protest this. This is probably the most appalling desecration of American symbols I can imagine. No wait - there's Bush.


someone should ask senator frist if he's gonna do anything about it, i mean, i know he won't, but for hypocrisy's sake...


um, the news story says it was 2.5 million dollars....damn. that's sick.


Um. Who paid? The State? (God forbid) The Feds? (Better not have!) The Church itself? (Well, if that's the way they'd like to spend their money instead of helping with meals for the needy or shelter for the homeless or jobs for the ... oh wait, that would be helping our tired, our poor...which is the job of the REAL Statue of Liberty.)


I agree with you, but must point out the many drawings and paintings out there with the Statue wrapped in a pride flag. It seems no matter who the group is, they can use Lady Liberty to symbolize their point of view and piss off someone at the same time.


Hey Greg - Richard's sister here:

I think there is a fundamental difference.

Wrapping Miss Liberty in a pride flag - is an extension of the original message (all can be free from persecution and welcomed in the U.S.) (hey it's a dream).

Wrapping her in the cross is exclusionary - and contradicts the core value.

It always gives me shivers to hear some one describe themselves with their Christian values - because the converse of that means that they tend to consider those non-christians are some how immoral.

It's just one of those private clubs that I wouldn't want to join.


The inscription on the tablets of the real Statue of Liberty is:



This is horrendous! What is wrong with people? All that money completely wasted when hundreds of needy families could have been fed or educated. All that time wasted building this twisted symbol of liberty that could have gone to building homes for those left without one because of Katrina. Anyone associated with this project should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.


...and not only's just so damn tacky!

The Oracle

Christian evangelicals sold their souls a long time ago...and don't even realize it.

But speaking of the Statue of Liberty, I had an idea several years ago about including it in a music video.

Since the women in America are under constant attack by the Christian evangelicals, I figured if anyone was going to stand up for their liberty, the Statue of Liberty would.

So, I envisioned the Statue of Liberty's torch turning into a microphone, her jumping down from her pedestal, and morphing into a female rock star singing either "I'm Coming Out" or "You Don't Own Me."

After the song ended, the female rock start would elevate (and morph) once again into the Statue of Liberty standing on her pedestal with her Torch of Liberty held high, guarding all of our citizens, especially the women, from the insidious encroaching darkness of the fake Christians who call themselves evangelicals.

But I don't have any connections in the music industry so I couldn't get it off the ground. Sigh.

Jehovah's Child

Okay - it is okay if you hate the idea of what was done. But if you don't even know about the history of Lady Liberty then what are you really hating? Did you know -
1. The Statue of Liberty actually was presented with a black face to signify the releasing of slaves but we Americans changed it to a white face
2. The Statue of Liberty had a chain on her foot to signify the slavery being abolished
3. Was to be sold to the Egyptians/Suez Canal but they refused it

So where is the liberty for real - You judge and criticize the church but when was the last time you gave to the poor and sat on the corner and just spoke with them to give them a kind word or two. When was the last time that you went to a homeless shelter or a nursing home to sing to them. You throw stones but you really throw them back at yourselves. How much did you give to the Katrina Victims?

Denetria B.

As a proud Christian of the Memphis,TN area. I am insulted by the statue of liberty being used as a symbol. To me this is only a gimmick to draw more attention to World overcomers. The 260,000 could have been used to research a cure for AIDS, feed and house the homeless. It is not acceptable in my opinion if Alton Williams want to reach out to the community why can't he do it the old fashion way and go door to door like the Jehavoh's witnesses does. The statue of liberty being placed at World overcomers seem to be more self serving. I don't see the point of it when I see the statue of liberty I only think of New York. We already have a symbol to remind us of our relationship with christ and that's Jesus Christ who hung bleed and die on cross. Why did he not put a replica of Jesus Christ on a cross?

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