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Monday, 07 August 2006



So what you're saying here in your last paragraph is in effect that it is perfectly OK, commendable even, for Israel to bomb Lebanon back into the Stone Age, because that will help the gays in Iraq?
Explain yourself please.


My fear is that -- by choosing "revenge" over "security" -- Israel is doing its citizens a profound disfavor. And, in addition, it is making the world a much more dangerous place for the rest of us in the Western world.

I understand how emotionally satisfying the strikes against Hezbollah must seem to Israelis, but I think that they will serve only to inflame anti-Israel sentiment in the region and make the country less safe than ever.

Beyond that, I think that the air attacks on Beirut and on the Lebanese infrastructure generally was an extremely risky gambit on the part of Israel. Beirut was supposed to have epitomized all of our aspirations for the Middle East -- a prosperous Arab city with a modern, secular outlook.

When I saw Israel bombing Beirut, I could only think that this entire idea -- that of a moderate, peace-loving Middle East -- was just going up in smoke.

No one doubts how evil the Hezbollah organization has been in the past. The question is, how do you lead them into a future that is not dangerous for Israel and -- by extension -- North America and Europe? I don't think that this bombing campaign is it.

I hope I am proven wrong, but somehow I suspect that I won't be.


You mention the Iraqi constitution protecting those who kill gays, but then go on to quote that its the Penal Code, not the constitution.

The penal code was not only written in 1969, it also isn't targeted specifically at people who kill homosexuals, it's ANY honor killing. I'm not saying it's alright, I'm just wondering how it involves their constitution and our governments approval of it.


Aaron: you "fear" that Israel is doing its and the world's citizens a profound disfavor???
You "think" the strikes against Hezbollah will only serve to inflame anti-Israel sentiment??
Beirut "was supposed" to have epitomized all of our aspirations for the Middle East???
And you "don't think" this bombing campaign is the answer ???

I thought you were a man of clearcut ideas! So why this beating around the bush all of a sudden?

Anyway, an article from Europe (may contain shocking views on the Middle East) :,,1835247,00.html

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