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Tuesday, 08 August 2006



As much as I like your blog, it amazes me that you can constantly find ways to disrespect Christian beliefs: "who believe that a supernatural old fart personally dictated the Bible word for word." Why are Jewish beliefs correct and believeable and Christian are not? You make good points when it comes to politics, but too often you combine religion with YOUR religious views and, frankly, I think most would agree that the Jewish faith is as believeable as the Christian, the Hindu, the Buddist and, yes, even the Scientologist. So, because it's your blog and your rant, holding your view up as though it is THEE correct view puts you in the same category as George W. Bush. There is no question that Bush and his followers make Christians look bad, but could you not bash all of us, just because Bush is an idiot and because you're Jewish? Thanks in advance ... I hope.

RICHARD COMMENTS: As I've said to other readers, you get an "F" in reading comprehension...actually, in your case an "F -".

1. I'm on the record for being critical of all organized religions. As it turns out a large percentage of American Christians are working to destroy our democracy--so they get my special attention.

2. Your personal ignorance and arrogance leads you to think that when I refer to "The Bible" I'm talking about a Christian book. The Bible is the holy book of Judaism. The Christian book is The New Testament. Like many of your kind (the wilffuly uninformed and arrogant) you assume that The Bible is a Christian book.

3. Anyone--and I mean anyone--who thinks that any "book" is the literal word of a supernaturla being is an idiot.

4. Like the arrogant idiots who think The bible is a Christian book, you also wallow in igrnorance when it comes to Jews. There is a big difference between Jews and the Jewish religion. Diaspora (big word, go look it up) Jews are descended from the nation that was exiled by the Babylonians and the Romans, and they are very proud (including myself) of our history and heritage. However, I do not practice the Jewish religion. Israel is a secular state founded primarily by atheists. And the knowledge level of non-Christians among most American Christians is appalling.

5. Go get an education before you comment again on my blog. It's to be found in books of facts and reason.


Nice essay! Loved the link between the intro and the closing!


Obviously, I hit a nerve with the old queen.

Frankly, dearie, your response is so rife with errors and poor grammar, I can't believe you would suggest someone other than yourself needs to go back to school.

The bottom line is this: When you publish your opinion you open yourself up for response.If you don't like that, shut up.

And if I don't like what you have to say, I can stop reading your blog. That, I'm sure, is what you prefer: Who needs or gives a shit about readers, right? They are merely a nuisance. I wonder, if you bitch and moan about everything and no one hears you, what's the point of bitching and moaning?

Well, Doc, you go out and keep trolling for dollars for your pay site. I, for one, will not be visiting either.

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