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Friday, 10 November 2006



Bill Maher has plans to out more prominent Republicans on his program, Real Time, on HBO tonight.


Richard, Welcome back! I swore your column was being ghost written for a while there...Excellent!



Brilliant insightful article. And in light of
what you say, I am now more inclined to send my
money to Mike Rogers, in addition to HRC.

Mike Rogers has done a great deal of good for our
community, even though he has been criticized by
the people that he is trying to help. That makes
him a real hero!!

And I also feel that Mike Jones has done all of us
a service by outing Haggard. He too has suffered
for doing the right thing. It's too bad that HRC
and some of the other gay agencies can't help
Mike Jones a bit; according to Mike, they
haven't even contacted him, which is in sharp
contrast to New Life Church members who thanked
Mike Jones for helping Haggard. Strange that the
HRC can't thank Mike Jones for helping all of us!

If you read Mike Jone's interview with Radar,
it seems that another homophobic evangelical
is also gay -- Dobson. No surprise there -- the
loader they preach against homosexuality, the
more they do it!!

Thanks Richard for your terrific post,


Umm, McGreevey was a Democrat.


Excellent post Richard, as was your comment Brian.

Also, the two Mikes - Jones & Rogers - should be applauded and encouraged.


I hope Jeff Gannon is reading this.


i belive that in neillson's 'the point' it's the rock man who sez "you see what you want to see and you hear what you want to hear." and he's right-- cognitive dissonance should rattle to pieces the conscientious neurotic head, but it doesn't-- the steely web of deceits holds together the strongest fictions when the perceiver's ego is at stake. in this way a psychological device allows the ordinarilly judicious mind to refer to israel as "the only democracy in the mideast" and to proclaim adjunct peripheral follies. when the good mind bumps up against multifarious contradictions, a period of examination should set in and the hypocrite de jour eventually exposed-- whether oneself or one's brother. yet almost everything weighs against the arrival of that moment.


It's not a new phenomenon. On Nov 11 1634 (yes, today is the anniversary),under the urging of Anglican Bishop John Atherton, the Irish House of Commons passes "An Act for the Punishment for the Vice of Buggery." Seven years later, the good Bishop Atherton is himself the second man hanged under the Act.


Sometimes the things we need to know aren't the things we want to hear.

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