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Monday, 19 November 2007



In some respects I am glad that now perhaps you will return to your home and my previous cyber relationship with you can be re-established. I have truely missed that.

As for AOL and Queersighted, well it was interesting while it lasted, however the way they have treated you all is quite remarkable and a sign of the times, and the growing power and organisation of certain elements that are galvanising themselves across the globe to deny the lgbt community their voice.

Keep your voice loud and clear and proud Richard, and let us know where the others that shared that vision in Queersighted have gone too.

Warmest regards....Vincent...x

Alan down in Florida

Read this twice and still don't understand why AOL pulled the plug. Nevertheless I prefer you unplugged and plugging away at injustice. And thank you for knowing that a penis, in and of itself, is not pornographic.


wow, this was tame and I have to wonder why it is so tame? Don't tell me Richard that you have to plead the 5th every time someone asks you a goddamn question about the demise of our community. I guess it's due to legalities that no names were mentioned.

I guess since you(Richard) and Kenny can't say it on record I'll say it for you. "Fuck You AOL." You, took away our beloved community and gave us no reason, pos.

I did find it funny that you used the word queer like it was punctuation in a sentence. lol, you'll always have that ability to put a smile on my face even if it is about "Hypocritical Corporate Assfucks That Bend Over For More Money"

Much love, Richard.

OH! btw, you and Kenny met? Like in real life? yea? (heavily dissappointed here)

Joe Lagana

Richard - I'm just so sad at this turn of events. It seemed, when the 'transition' was occuring, that there was something afoot that wasn't completely kosher. Queersighted was certainly a breath of fresh air for me, a middle aged gay man in New York - and this is still a tough city to navigate even for a native like me. More corporate bullshit, more negativity in our path. We shall overcome.


This situation reminds me of the story of the duck and the scorpion, where eventhough the duck is saving the scorpion from the flood, the scorpion stings and kills the duck anyway (and himself in the process) because that is who he is.

I always want to believe that these corporations are really interested in our rights, willing to be supportive, etc., but they always disappoint because it is what they are, right-wing corporate facsists, where all are to serve in the interest of the corporation, not the corporation the interests of society.

I will admit that I am not too saddened to see Richard posting back here at PAYOR. Keep up the excellent work. And, as a plus, I have now no reason whatsoever to have anything to do with AOL.


Ditto Will's last paragraph. I tried unsuccessfully to get into Queersighted and am delighted you're back here (dare I say where you belong?). Please let us know Mr. Hill has landed on his feet and, at some point, that Ms. Cheney has landed on her ass.


I've always wondered exactly what Mary Cheney actually does at AOL. She has always come across as one of the most cold-hearted, calculating, Log Kabinette types. It wouldn't surprise me if her position is just a scam. She has the reputation of a gay rights advocate, yet no one can actually name a single thing she's done.

Bil Browning

Allow me to echo everyone else's warm wishes for PAYOR 2.0. I loved PAYOR and tracked you down to Queersighted just so I could read more of your work. (I think we e-mailed about that, actually.) As long as I can still read what you have to say, I'll be happy.

I'm glad to see one of our contributors did a piece on the story. The whole Queersighted team deserved better treatment than you've described. My best wishes to the entire team.


The sad fact is that corporate America has no interest in fostering a "queer" voice, because it's always going to be too subversive for the "mainstream." (And I mean this in a good way!) It may seem painful now to have the plug pulled, but I guarantee you'll be better off in the long run if you can maintain your independence and watch the empire crumble from a safe distance. Good luck!!!

Welcome back Richard...AOL are the losers.


Welcome back, Richard. You're not the only ones that have left AOL, and to be honest-I hate their format.

So, Daddy...bring back your fun stuff and make us proud!

Scott H

I am glad I was able to find you (via Joe.My.Blog) outside of AOL. Queersighted didn't read authentic from the first for me - and it was also clear that the problem wasn't the writers. PAYOR is in my bookmarks - along with Prince Gomolvilas and Susan Norfleet, et alia.

Prince Gomolvilas

AOL had a gay blog?!

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