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Monday, 31 December 2007



Out-fucking-rageous! Takes my breath away.


This reminds me of some reasons I've heard for the wearing of burkas by women in Muslim countries: that the sight of a woman's flesh (and that doesn't mean anything intimate, by Western standards -- an ankle or wrist might be enough) so inflames men sexually that the men cannot control themselves -- the blame in that situation being placed upon the woman. In some instances, the offending woman (i.e., a woman who exposes some part of her body to a man other than her husband) is stoned to death or otherwise harshly disciplined.

What's different about altar boys is that they are NOT adults and certainly aren't capable of making responsible decisions when it comes to sexual activity or expression; however, many of them are at the age of puberty and naturally begin exploring their sexuality. It seems only natural to me that, because some may have great adoration for their priests, they might try and express that sexually.

But, instead of priests talking to these boys and instructing them about sexual appropriateness (though, if I were a parent, I wouldn't trust a priest to be capable of doing that), these priests prey upon the innocent. And, of course, the Catholic church does nothing about it. Now it seems they want to blame the boy.

All of this belies the real problem: that Catholic priests do not have a healthy sense of their own sexuality. While their talk of suppressing their sexual desires for the glory of God is all well and good, it appears that priests are actually sexually repressed and have a dysfunctional relationship with sex. It makes me wonder just what percentage of Catholic priests has engaged in some form of abuse of an altar boy. I suspect it's higher than anyone might think.

(Also, not being Catholic myself, I find the mere idea of "altar boys" being closely and intimately instructed by a single priest, in a one-on-one relationship, to be highly suspect. It looks like a big powder keg to me. But perhaps some others who comment here that have experience with the Catholic church can give me some sense of why this situation exists.)

It seems that the patriarchal hegemony of of the Catholic church (and certain other radical fundamentalist religions) will do anything, say anything, and blame anyone else, in order to protect their stranglehold on power and position.

Absurd and shameful!


Yea, I agree with the bishop on this one! I mean seriously what little boy doesn't want to worship God and get molested by older men who can't get married? I know when I was a child it was my dream.

I think that bishop and any priest who uses that as an excuse needs to get a F-Clue. As far as the Vatican goes well we all know they just want your money so they can buy next year's diamond for their ring. But don't worry you money is donated to God's Children also.

[/sarcasm] :D

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