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Thursday, 24 January 2008



I agree with you, Richard. As I have stated before. I have stopped watching FOX Network. Did you see that Rupert Murdoch has stepped down as chairman? Could help us.

However, the revolution that you are calling for? That fire was lost in the 60's and 70's. Young GLBT people just care to blend in, at least the vast majority. It isn't for kicks that they call my generation lazy. The concept of physical, in their face activism is a foreign one. We would much rather sit at our computers and bang away angry e-mails and the like. Again, this isn't everyone. I don't want to piss anyone off who is active. Good for you.

Point is, we are going to go happily into that dark night. Thats not the way it is supposed to be.


The good news is ... I agree with you.
The bad news is ... I agree with you.
Well said Richard. But then, what do I know?

Alan down in Florida

GLAAD sucks at the teat of Hollywood and would starve to death if it actually took them to task. Younger gays and lesbian have never lived in a world where they were forced to hide themselves and think life has always been the way they experience it now.

As for our rights, I hate to say it but just look at the panorama of the Democratic primaries where the women's movement is clashing with the civil rights movement as to which one will grab the brass ring of a Presidential candidacy. Both those movements have been struggling publicly for a lot longer than ours has struggled (and still struggles). America is a nation of waiting your turn. It should not be a surprise that the GLBT Community has to wait its turn. Not that that should be the way it should be but it is the way of the world and no amount of outrage will make that change.

We may have already had our first gay president (James Buchanan) and possibly our first two bisexual ones (Abraham Lincoln and George W. Bush). At least we've beaten women and persons of color for that prize. LOL.


"I love masturbation as much as the next guy, but when the gay community jerks itself off and calls it great sex...well...perhaps I'm quirky in that regard but for me great sex requires a partner, at least one."

I love your blog both for the quality of your writing and your eye for photos. I don't always agree with you (most of the time, yes) but you're always thought provoking. I loved the above quote.

I, too, no longer support GLAAD. My partner tried to volunteer for them a couple of years ago. He went to a few meetings but became disgruntled when he realized that the GLAAD employee who was heading their committee was only interested in using the volunteers as grunt labor for one of their increasingly shallow parties.

I like the website Media Matters. I think we need a gay version that calls out the media on its homophobia. The whole idea of rewarding them for behavior that they should be engaging in seems very 1970's to me.

(P.S. I missed this site when it was away.)


Please don't be discouraged. There are thoughtful, active people out in cyberland who avidly read your blog daily. At least a few of us are active in our local communities bringing acceptance and tolerance to the forefront, and in some cases, even winning skirmishes. The war for acceptance is far from over, but your thoughtful and provoking blog keeps our hopes alive that we will overcome in the end.


Richard, if it will free up part of your day I would gladly work on your morning wood for you!


We are greatly in need of a group who actually believes in doing something. When I was young(er) I fell victim into being fooled by HRC and GLADD. I think there are people who are passing on the message to anyone who will listen.

Unfortunately most of the time the gay community looks at us just as crazily as they do at Larry Cramer. We need a really leader like Larry to help the people see they way we are destroying ourselves.

MR. Bill

Dude, I just found out you were posting again, please don't stop.
Some one has to tell the inconvenient truths, and you share so much joy and pain with us we've found we need you. And I too have wondered about how the movements for Gay Liberation (ah, quaint phrase) have become sort of institutionalized, neutered, perhaps just more comfortable closets.
Thanks, from a furry woodland creature in Trendy Blue Ridge GA.

DAVE St Pete

This is everything I have been fighting. I have not supported HRC ever since they supported D'Amato Over Schumer just to show they were bi partisan. This year when they attacked Barney over the ENDA I was not suprised by their all or nothing attitude. As to GLADD I think what a waste! There is not a single program on LOGO I can relate to or enjoy. Sundance carries better gay programing.

I have met the people responsible for the Gay Pride celebrations in Moscow and other violent areas and I think... Where is the anger and why do we in the states worry more about the next circuit party or Britney gossip than the executions of gay teens in Iran. I wrote a comment on another popular blog that questioned why someone posted a comment wanting information about Heath Ledger in a discussion of the Al Gore video. His response was, who mattered to the Gay Community and had the most impact on gay men. To him, clearly it was Heath. In my mind, Brokeback and the programing on LOGO is a continuation of the pathetic, lonesome, trolling, self destructive homosexual that has been the trademark of Hollywood.

As a community we have failed miserably at teaching our history. I use to wish Larry Kramer would just go away... Now I wish we had a thousand more just like him!

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