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Friday, 11 January 2008



Hooray! Well done you.. really looking forward to seeing this!

Michael Hamar

It is refreshing that finally history is beginning to be truly reflected in museums and elsewhere. If history was accurately told and the prominence and accomplishments of gays and lesbians troughout history was fully revealed, much of the stereotyping of gays would fall apart. True, the lunatic Christianists and Muslims would continue their anti-gay jihad, but average persons could not help but be impacted and provided with an altered mindset


How did Antinous die?


Thanks for spreading the word about Hadrian's gayness and helping to expose the uncomfortable truth (for straights) about Emperor Hadrian. It made me fully appreciate the importance of gay history to our culture and the world at large.

Alan down in Florida

In regards to the inquiry as to how he died, if I recall correctly, Antinous mysteriously "fell" off the royal barge while on the Nile and drowned.


i'm all for greater honesty about historical homosexuality, but i think you are exaggerating unnecessarily to make your point. i've been fascinated by roman antiquity for the last 10-15 years, especially hardrian. i've see probably 10 museum exhibitions around the world which included something about him. every single show stated quite clearly that antinuous was hadrian's lover and talked about the impact of his death. i have never seen it suggested that he was even bi-sexual let alone straight. the idea british museum is announcing hardiran is gay, is like announcing that gertrude stein liked girls. hadrian's homosexuality is actually quite well-documented. i'd be much more intrigued if the show documented a love affair between julius ceaser and marc antony, and that ceaser's murder was the result of a vicious homsexual lovers' quarrel. now THAT would be news!


Well that is a history lesson not taught in school. Love stories are usually the best kind of stories and it is fascinating that the British Museum has information pertaining to Hadrian's life.

cool story, Thanks ;)

Upright Guy

Fascinating. Thank you for sharing this. I will have to keep an eye out. Perhaps a trip across the pond is in order.

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