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Wednesday, 19 March 2008



This is absurd. Obviously this man has never had children, gay or otherwise, for then he would know that just about all kids are bullied. Also, his example of a 17 yr old is a bad one. If you are that old, and you wear a dress to school, you are prepared for insults. We need to be worrying about the middle and elementary school levels, to prevent something like Larry King's death from happening again.


Another excellent post! You remind me on a daily basis that there are still people in this country with working brains! Thanks you!!!


They already have rules against it. It is called treating others as one would like to be treated one's self. I think Jesus said it himself. I guess no one bothered to listen to him.

Alan down in Florida

We need to have these people agree to leave their brains to science for study after they die. Oh, that's right they have no brains.


I wonder when the public is going to stop allowing these cretins to flat-out lie and get away with it. We all know it's not a "disorder" because we live with it, but as I understand it, homosexuality stopped being labeled as a psychiatric disorder, let alone a pathological one, over a decade ago because there was no scientific evidence to back it up. The guy's a hate-mongering bigot, it's too bad he wasn't talking about a specific person in particular, maybe the idiot would be sued for slander.

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