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Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Alan down in Florida

Jeremy Hall is a hero.

I can understand how military men will tend to be religious, using religion as a talisman to protect them from the ever present nature of possible death looming over their heads.

That said, we are approaching the next American Revolution in which the Christian church and the military will turn on those Americans who do not share their beliefs.

As it is, calling the American system of government a democracy is a farce while the GLBT community is not allowed to share equally in the rights offered their heterosexual brethren. At best we live in a theocratic oligarchy. At worst we live in a Christian Fascist state.


How can a military that institutionalizes theocracy and homophobia function as a credible and effective ambassador of American principles?

You weren't seriously asking that, were you? You should know better, that's not the purpose.

I'm moving to Europe, fuck this nonsense. They're a little socialist for my tastes, but at least they will let me do what the hell I want and not tell me that it is "against morality". That's what we get for living in a nation founded by fucking prudes. Religious prudes, the worst kind.


I have friends in the military, atheist friends who aren't bashful about their humanist leanings, and they've never seen anything like this. They don't scoff at this story, but it's not what every soldier goes through. Granted, this does happen, and it happens a lot because of the environment for some fuckwit commander to get a power trip, and when you're gay for Jesus, everyone else had better be too. Tribal mentality at its worst. That man has no business being anyone's commanding officer.

You realize that when this officer says that atheists don't have freedom of religion because they don't have religion, HE'S WRONG, that's not the way our laws work. He may believe that personally, but he's a moron. We should laugh at these people, not give them the "threat status" that they'd love to have. Have you seen the guy's website?? If his pastor told him Jesus was sighted in Chile, he'd be on the first flight out sporting wood the entire way. He's a joke who should be fired and maybe institutionalized. I'm pulling for Sgt. Hall all the damn way, this sort of shit needs to be brought into the light, so that it NEVER happens without swift and harsh consequences. The only travesty here is that this shit has been allowed to go unchecked. It's out in the open now, thank goodness, and rational people everywhere, who otherwise never have to think about this stuff and don't give a shit, will give a shit.

I tend to be pretty bipolar (or maybe split personality disordered) with my political views, at times wanting to leave this country for good and other times, like now, defending the fact that while the system isn't perfect, there are still fucking intelligent people working on our side, and they're never going to be silenced because of the freedom of speech that some people would like to limit. Someone has the right to say "homosexuality is immoral" just as much as I have the right to say "christians are deluded fools". We fight back by fighting back, not by silencing them. They already think they're fucking martyrs, wanting to appear to be like their beloved Jesus on the cross, persecuted for their faith...but trying to silence them just gives credence to people who claim that Sally Kern is a brave hero for standing up for principles.

The next year or so is truly going to determine my future in this country. California's supreme court is going to rule on marriage equality by early June, and from everything I've read, chances may be good that they'll rule Prop 22 (marriage only between a man and a woman) unconstitutional under equal protection. However, in November we'll have a vote on a constitutional amendment, and if the courts rule in our favor now, you know it's going to galvanize the bible thumpers come ballot time. If that goes through, which I don't think it will, I'm going to apply for graduate school in Europe and never turn back. I refuse to live in a place that specifically denies me rights that everyone else has in its constitution.


Doesn't the magic book say "Thou shalt not kill"?

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