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Saturday, 17 May 2008



If the Catholics now believe Big Bang is more reasonable than the Genesis, why doesn't that apply to homosexuality as well after year of gender studies? Their reasoning is inconsistent. The Vatican should avoid the field of reason, because they couldn't win this debate. Their God is more and more pushed away in Outer Space by science still they insist on their myth, despite all the contradiction now in the bible.


What a mean thing to say about

Alan down in Florida

Thank you for pointing some of the errors in the INFALLIBLE words of God.

Hypocrites, pure and simple.


Maybe we should declare homosexuals as a alien race brought here from space. It's no more outlandish than some religious beliefs. Oh well, I am sure there is something in Leviticus or Romans condemning it.


HAHA, I heard the story but I never thought about it in quite that way. I wonder what they'd think about gay aliens?

Alien visitation would be the best thing that could happen to this planet, as long as they weren't bent on destroying or enslaving us. Proof that humans aren't the special creation of a sky-ghost would cause a huge rise in agnostics and atheists, leading to more reasonable thinking, which would be a great thing for gays. People can choose to reject evolution because they're retarded about the science and bury their heads in the sand, but alien visitation would leave no room for doubt. Even this astronomer is deviating from literal judeo-christian beliefs, he's thinking more like a deist with god as the initial mover of the universe. If you take away the stupid stories of the bible, there becomes less and less evidence for (and reason to believe in) a personal god. And a deistic god is just an exercise in mental masturbation. Their arguments boil down to "We don't know how things were ultimately created, but you still can't prove it wasn't a god!!"

But don't you worry, if we're ever visited by aliens, religions will find SOMETHING in the bible to say that they're immoral and evil. Religion is all about the US and THEM mentality, and you can't get more THEM than extraterrestrials.

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