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Thursday, 11 September 2008


Alan down in Florida

I have no answer to your question though I agree it is an appropriate even necessary one for the asking.

I think what it comes down to is a question of economic class. The majority of our current (self-appointed) leaders are from an economic class which offers them the opportunity to work for gay causes whereas the average GLBT community member needs to toil at the kinds of ordinary low to middle paying jobs that have no employment security in the greater majority of states. These people are too busy trying to keep food on their tables than looking for a place at THE table. Too busy trying to live their lives than wanting to live THE life.


You and Denny got it right. I was one of the peaceful white demonstrators in the 60s and it wasn't until the emergence of the Black Panthers and riots following Kings assasination that the majority of white folks realized that if they didn't address the problem it was going to get far worse for them than for people of color. Trouble is the neighborhoods we've spent all our spare time restoring, remodeling, bringing back to life are not for burning! And the suburbs where most of the enemy lives are better protected than our homes. Vigilanties seem to be making a come back right now what with all the citizens on patrol groups springing up in every city. Maybe we could do the same thing. We are citizens and the statistics are there proving we need to protect ourselves. Of course we aren't going to get any support from the upper middle class organizations we already have. They are the pacifists. We shall have to start one city at a time, one weapons and defense training class at a time. One patrol group on the streets every night of the week. With all the ex-military people we have in our culture we should be able to find the human resources to put it together. Anger we got. But Action requires more than emotion.


I would say this group is a perfect example of a gay militant civil rights organization that isn't going to take the BS any longer -

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