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Friday, 30 January 2009



I was always amazed in my wilder days at how fast a "straight acting" guy could get naked and hook his heels behind his ears when we were alone. This was disappointing at first since I expected them to be a top when I picked them up, but you learn to adapt. Excellent article, Richard. Give me a big old queer any day!

Alan down in Florida

I'd like to pick up on something Rex says. It is my experience that the more masculine they are, the more likely they are to be bottoms. Especially the ones with "macho" occupations (Marines, cops, construction guys). Can't count how many disappointing encounters I've had because the "hot top" turned into a needier bottom than myself.


This reminds me of something I used to hear.
"Bobby, why do you act dumb all the time?"
"It's not acting".


I think there is confusion of terminology here. Str8 acting should not be confused with top or bottom. I remember growing up and the only gays I knew about were Liberace and Paul Lynde. I knew I liked boys but I knew I was not them. Nor did I want to be like them. I enjoyed football and rugby and camping. I enjoyed singing baritone. I think the prejudice is in how we view straight acting. I do not see it as a sign of self loathing but at the same time the term is broad. Much like acting white (like David Duke or Ted kennedy) or other term that encompasses a huge % of the population.

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