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Wednesday, 18 February 2009



Richard: You've probably opened a real can of worms with these remarks but I couldn't agree with you more. I remember a small pride segement in a Fourth of July parade in Lexington, KY in which we were all encouraged to dress the way we did at our jobs so the people would realize we really are everywhere. There were people in scrubs and waiters aprons, three piece suits, etc. and the crowd really seemed enthralled by this display. Then the two middle aged guys in ball gowns and roller skates came barging into the scene.
On the other hand: if so many people have come to realize that not every black person is loud and full of attitude, and that not every Jew is a greedy money grubber; isn't it about time they figured out that not every homosexual is a silly old queen? Do we have to teach them everything? Or is it they just don't want to learn?

Alan down in Florida

As with Rex, I couldn't agree more. Way back in the early, early days of the movement Frank Kameny when planning a picket line in Washington DC insisted that the participants attire themselves professionally - suits for men, dresses for women. The idea was then, as now, to show we were just ordinary Americans like everyone else.

Sadly, ordinary doesn't make the TV screen on the 11PM news. These buffoons in their mockery make good footage because the news is always looking for freaks. But they don't understand just how much damage they do to the rest of us with their selfish displays.


As a kid trying to figure myself out, the most public images of gays were drag queens and child molesters.
For years I "knew" I wasn't gay because I didn't connect with either of the types of gays that existed.
Eventually I learned that there is more than what meets the eye.


This is exactly what I was referring to yesterday when I commented "the fat guy with the wings and his ass showing - yeah, I'm sure that instills pride in everybody!"
While I'm sure you were being sarcastic when you titled your post "THE BITCH ASKED FOR IT" and we all know that should NEVER be a true ststement(esp. for Larry King), I couldn't help but think JUST WHAT ARE WE ASKING FOR when I saw that picture.
Nobody dressing that way should be asking for equal rights from anyone.

Rex, I don't think we have to teach them everything. But we do have to change their minds and show them that most homosexuals aren't silly old queens.
And Alan, I think a hundred plus men in suits on a picket line would still make the news.
As for men wearing bridal veils to a protest, well that's just stupid and hurts us all.

Alan down in Florida

Scot - Just so that you understand that I was NOT justifying that sort of behavior in any way. I agree that the sheer volume of ordinarily dressed queers would attract attention and certainly be taken more seriously. Perhaps in the end that is the difference between a parade and a march.


Alan, not a problem. I didn't think you were trying to justify anything. Lets face it, there is no justification for that behavior.

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