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Monday, 13 July 2009



I grew up with heterosexuals and I miss having them as part of the mix of my life. Until I retired fraternization with the "others" on the job was possible. Now I go to church, the Episcopal Church, and for at least one hour a week I am surrounded by people like my deceased parents who if not entirely understanding are at least welcoming and tolerant. Notice nothing I've said has anything to do with God. Churches are communities that you may or may not want to be a part of. I choose fraternization. My belief may not exactly match that of any one group, but it is nice to find and spend time with people who, while different, share some of my spiritual perspectives. Now if I could just find a political party that did that instead of just conning me!

Jim m.

The UCC does ordain openly gay and lesbian individuals as a denomination, however, it is up to an individual congregation / conference when it comes to ordination. Not all congregations of the UCC are Open and Affirming but more are becoming so each year.
Many other aspects are part of ordination please double click on this, I would be suprised if it was only the gay issue.
Many have been at the fore front for years please go to Old South Church in Boston, it's associate pastor is openly gayand he is partnered too. The Sr minister was featured on a video produced my NY Equity responding to those who say that het marriage is doomed looking back at 5 years of gay marriages in Mass.

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