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Tuesday, 08 September 2009



Is Ted Haggard a weapon of mass destruction?

Alan down in Florida

Ted Haggard is a good advertisement for atheism.

Alex from Germany

The success of this men may force some of the traditionalist non-gay, non-drug addict priest to uncommon steps to improve their income.

We all await dirtier details.


I swear without your blog I wouldn't know about any news on religion & politics. Your blog posts offer news on the 'non-mainstream' or "didn't quite make the news", news. It's great.

His uber-gay face makes me laugh every time. It never gets old.

I hope Mr. Haggard doesn't think that selling your disgraced name and whoring your story out is a good way of providing for your family. If it's about the money and I mean let's face it, TV shows and a book tour; It's certainly not about what "Jesus would have done."

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