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Thursday, 22 October 2009



Where would you suggest the riots begin? What should we smash and burn first? Most of us don't live in ghettos any more. A restored victorian house or tenth floor condo gutted by fire gets no attention what so ever. I'm with you on this, I just don't see where our anger will even be noticed.
Oh, some of us would appreciate a photo of this blogger preparing his next blog. Naked bears of the world unite!

Richard Jeffrey Rothstein

I would suggest that the March on Washington should have been an expression of outrage,shouting, and blocking traffic and access to Congress--and that it should have gone on for several days.  In stead it was another gay pride party eclipsed by our own HRC love fest with the President.


Huh, that wasn't the picture I asked for. I agree about the march but it went as far as the polite momma's boys who run such things would let it!

Richard Jeffrey Rothstein

You really want me to post a nude photo of myself?  I might do this if the demand grows large enough and vocal enough.  We shall see.

Alan down in Florida

Barney Frank was right. These marchers should have gathered in their own state capitols and forced local media to cover the story - which the national media barely did.

I think it's time that the alleged National Gay Leadership stop spending their money on parties and fundraisers and do things the old fashioned way - BUY SOME POLITICIANS!

Actually it makes sense to form a third political party and run GLBT candidates. Maybe when the two parties see how many votes we can take away from them in close elections they will be more motivated to deal with our issues.

Naked at the keyboard - hope it's not a laptop. Those buggers can get hot enough to burn sensitive skin.

Alex from Germany

Til now i haven't notice the gay perspective of the Abu Ghraib scandal. Muslims were not only degraded by leashing them like dogs, but also by being forced to simulate gay sex. As forced gay sex is regarded as big insult by muslims, i can not blame the victims for feeling ashamed. Hell no, it was still humiliation and psychic rape.
But, it is interesting to notice that simulated gay sex is seen as a standard procedure when humiliating people and undoubtly accepted as the a main part of the scandal. This tells us much of the minds of the offenders, the muslims and us all.
Lessons learned by Abu Ghraib.
-War is never clean.
-western soldiers are not bared from being monsters.
-And being pictured as having gay sex is the worst thing that can happen to you.

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