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Wednesday, 28 October 2009



"the progression of basic human rights" now there is an interesting concept. You seem to be implying that everything we need to know didn't fall out of heaven and into the pages of a sacred book thousands of years ago. Progress isn't possible to those who believe its already happened and nothing further is necessary. Would that such insanity was limited to Christians. Sadly it can be found amongst all the people of The Book.


Every Book has those among its adherents who would deny us rights. Ultra-Orthodox Jews, Conservative Muslims, Right-Wing Christians, etc. There are conservative secularists who don't support gay rights; I was sired by one. Bigotry and hate don't necessarily stem from religion, it's just a convenient way to organize those forces into a "congregation" of "people" who want to kill me and you, and deny us basic rights as humans.

We aren't the only ones they hate, either. If Evangelicals took the country, you can bet that women would be sent straight back under a brick ceiling. Deep down, a good number of Evangelicals (at least in the South- my circle of acquaintances doesn't spread very far north) are still deeply racist. So, ethnic minorities as well as religious minorities would get thrown under the metaphorical bus as well.

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