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Wednesday, 04 November 2009



That's so fucked up. I'm incredibly upset about this. All those couples (& single LGBT people too) in ME must feel so defeated and deserted.

What absolutely kills me is the amount of money and effort the No on 1 campaign exhibited. They consist of mostly "religious" denominations and their followers. I can't fathom that their God would agree to such hatred; to go out of their way to deny people they don't know basic civil rights.

This was a perfect chance for the president to step in and fulfill his promise. Way to let us down Barack Obama.

Alan down in Florida

Just further proof that this is an issue that will require resolution by the Supreme Court of the United States. When voters can arbitrarily override the legislative process when it comes to civil rights there is no way we will ever get full equality.


Of course the Supreme Court will most likely uphold the vote, and we'll finally see that the peaceful coexistence we all pretend to be struggling for is never going to be reached, because our Constitution is only useful as toilet paper as long as bigots continue to get away with being bigots.

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