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Monday, 30 November 2009


Alex from germany

First, ABC should make 24h GAAYYYEYY-KISS-Around-the-clock.

Second, i ask my self what we expect from TV?
Our first demand towards it is entertainment. We have a second (minor) demand for news, that interests us.
TV station found out, that if you add a gay/hispanic/black character/theme/news to your soap opera or news broadcast, it helps broaden your audience.

Somehow over time we must have got the impression, that the networks have seen the light and added gays to give us a fair share of life. that may be wrong.
the impulse to diversify is limited at the point where it collides with a bigger group taht may turn off the tube.

If gay kissing is leads to more people changing the channel than gay and gayphil to turn in, it will be ousted.
I fear, that it is not the active protest of religious right causing it it. "Concerened mother" on the other hand may have watched just to log all this unchristian filth. And nothing tells the kids more to tune in, than the fierce opposition of there parents.
No, it could be a silent heterosexual majority that wants tits if they turn on Baywatch and not Andy and Mikes struggle for love.

We are a minority and as much as we wish we be the leading roles in prime time, this is commercially limited. the sentiment of private networks has a limit there.

Alan down in Florida

It's all b.s. - pure unfettered discrimination. Scratch the surface of tolerance and you find how shallow it is.


Clearly the two words you have forgotten to touch on in your post are GAME SHOW. Alot of people don't like lambert because he may be honest about being gay, but not so much when it comes to talent. Amature hour talent usually doesn't hold up to ridicule. Game show talent isn't the stuff that endures. You yourself have posted many times about how american idol is another money making scheme of rupert murdock's.
I don't like lambert partly because of american idol and mostly because I don't see any real talent there. That's just the first step in a slippery slope of being critical of everything he does.
Thast may seem harsh but lets be honest. When someone you don't like succeeds, it's easy to find fault in EVERYTHING he does.


Right on.

It's incredible how 2-faced the cable networks are.


I, too, am one that doesn't think Lambert has talent. All that screeching and screaming that people call "singing" literally makes my ears hurt. I think he looks like a clown with all the makeup & shit. Back in the 80's i also thought Boy George looked like a clown, but i sure spent plenty a dollar on Culture Club cd's cause i loved the way he sang & thought he did have talent....that's the difference to me. I see Adam Lambert as more forced-gimmick than honest expression. Of course that's just my opinion & like they say, opinion are like assholes....everybody has one & alot of them stink.

It's hard though to not resent being called a gay "Uncle Tom" just because you don't like the guy. You make it sound like we're supposed to like the guy just because he's gay...period.

You talk of how we're supposed to LOVE him for his honesty.....yet when we express our "honesty" of not liking him we're put into the same category of the person who killed Larry King??

That sounds like hypocrisy to me.

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